Stress Management

Stress is one of the most common mental health problems in the UK, and for most people, it is a normal part of life that is managed fairly well. However, there are times when we are faced with situations and events that cause stress which can seem overwhelming and too difficult to cope with.


Small amounts of stress can be healthy and can act as a drive to take action and achieve the things we need to. However, if stress levels are intense or prolonged, it can impact negatively on our relationships and work performance, and possibly lead to panic attacks, anxiety and depression.


The impact of stress on our health can include irritability, changes in appetite, insomnia, loss of sex drive, lack of motivation, social withdrawal, feeling overwhelmed, like you are losing control, finding it difficult to relax and mood swings. People may also experience physical symptoms such as headaches, low energy, frequent colds and infections, raised blood pressure, muscular tension, and digestive problems.


Sometimes people use alcohol, tobacco or drugs to help relieve their stress, however these substances can often keep the body in a stressed state and cause further problems.


If you feel stress is becoming so overwhelming that it is impacting on your life, then stress management counselling may be beneficial for you.


How can stress management counselling help me?


Stress management through counselling can provide a safe place for you to explore your stress in a confidential and non-judgmental way. It can help you explore the underlying reasons for your stress and support you in gaining an understanding of what triggers you to be in a stressed state. By identifying your triggers, counselling can help you find ways of managing the situations and your responses to them. It can also support you in developing coping strategies that can help you deal with stress, improving your ability to deal with the pressures that you are finding difficult to cope with