There's not always a specific problem that brings someone to therapy, sometimes people seek support for general self-development.


Sometimes in life, we can feel stuck or that we are not the best we can be. Self-development is about striving to improve the self, confidence and self-esteem. It is also about finding ways to overcome any barriers that you feel could be getting in the way of your achieving your goals.


This might involve exploring where you are in your career and wanting to improve professionally, perhaps you feel you need a better balance between life and work but are unsure how to achieve this. Perhaps you feel you want to improve your relationships or health but don't know how to go about doing this.


Sometimes people have a very clear idea of what they want to change or what goals they want to achieve when they come to self-development counselling. However, some people seek self-development therapy because they feel frustrated with their life and know something needs to change but don't quite know what that something is.


How can self-development counselling help?


Some people use self-development counselling as a way to gain clarity on what they feel they need to change in their lives or simply to identify the goals they wish to achieve. It maybe that a person lacks the motivation to obtain their goals or feel stuck when they are not reaching their full potential.


Some people have used self-development therapy as a way t help them prepare for an important event in their lives such as an important speech or job interview whilst others have sought self-development therapy to help them with their diet and fitness goals.


There is no limit to what you can talk about and explore in self-development therapy. Self-development counselling can help you identify your goals and look at ways to achieve them. It can also help address any barriers you feel you have or negative thoughts which might be preventing you from moving forward in the way that you need.


Whatever the issue you feel you need to explore, self-development therapy can help you in a way that will support you in making the decisions and changes you need to achieve a more fulfilled life and better sense of wellbeing.