Anger Management

Anger is an acceptable and justifiable human emotion that is a natural response when we are faced with threatening situations and upsetting experiences. For most people, anger can be a constructive and helpful emotion when expressed in a healthy and appropriate way, motivating us to change the aspects of our lives we are unhappy with or deal with situations that make us feel unsafe.


Despite there being positive aspects to anger, sometimes this emotion can get out of control causing a person to lash out, throw something or hurt someone. People who have difficulties with their anger often find that they experience these things more frequently than others. This can often result in verbal attacks, violence, rage, bad tempers, self harm and irritability; all of which can have harmful effects on our professional and personal relationships and creating danger and uncertainty for the person expressing the anger and those around them.


Unexpressed anger can often result in both overt outbursts of rage as well as more subtle expressions anger such as passive aggression, hostility and depression. Anger can also arise as a result of long term, unexpressed anger.


If you can relate to anything explored or you feel your anger is causing you and those around you distress, or if you are finding it difficult to manage your anger then anger management therapy may be right for you.


How can counselling help me with my anger?


Counselling and psychotherapy will help you identify the underlying causes of your anger and work to support you in finding a resolution to these. It can also help you find alternative ways of dealing with the situations that trigger your anger, helping you find more helpful, healthy and appropriate ways of expressing how you feel.